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Do you have a question? Please check our list of faq below. If you’re question not has been answered, write an email to: info@ibizaflower.nl and we will answer your question with love!   -Who/what is Ibizaflower? Ibizaflower is a brand specialized in the design and manufacture of trendy, cool, colorful, ibizastyle clothes and bags.   -Where can I buy the Ibizaflower collection? You can buy Ibizaflower in different shops in Holland and Ibiza   -Can I buy the Ibizaflower collection for my shop? Yes you can! Go to ‘wholesale selling’ for your personal key or write an email to: info@ibizaflower.nl   -Everything is in English, do I have to write in English? No, we just use English as our main language, because we have sellers from different countries and English is the most common one. You also can write us in Dutch, German and Spanish.   -Can I order two the same bags? No sorry you can’t! All bags are handmade and unique. You can order same style but not the same colors and pattern. This the the charm of our products, handmade items and embroideries!   -Can I order two the same dresses? Yes, you can! But we don’t have big collections of one color. This to keep our products unique. When a color is finished, you can have the same dress but in other colors.   -Do they clothes have sizes? Some do. Size S,M and L or S/M and M/L Others are one size and these ones really are one size, fits (almost) all. For wholesalers, you can see everything at the ‘wholesale page’ when you enter your pesronal key.   -I’m a wholesaler. How can I get my personal key? Go to ‘wholesale selling’ and fill in the fields or email us at: info@ibizaflower.nl   -What happens with my data? Your data will be treated in confidence and we don’t provide them to third parties.